The Terrifying Hubris of Corbynism
Matt Bolton

In the Latin American militant left this political theory was known as “Cuanto peor-mejor” Loosely translated as “the worse it gets, the better.”

This led to the top leadership of the Montoneros breaking open bottles of champagne the day of the military coup celebrating that the establishment had really screwed up this time.

Of course the top leadership were safely in exile in Mexico whereas the 30,000 disappeared who died- almost always after barbaric torture-often for no greater a crime than appearing on a group photo with someone who was wanted, were the ones who paid the price for this hubris.

Obviously, I do not think that this is an exact parallel. I mean England is a civilized country after all. It never did anything like this except to dark skinned people in its colonies.

But we do not really know what could happen if the social democratic and more left-wing opposition splits, opening the door to a Conservative party vying for the UKIP vote and UKIP , or a new ultra right party that considers UKIP too soft, countering by going more and more extreme against the dark skinned people and other immigrants who will still be around.

It’s not as though anyone expected the land of Goethe to elect Schicklgruber chancellor.

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