reaches a new milestone is a parametric insurance product launched in sept-17 that covers against flight delay (2h+ delay) for any cause and indemnifies automatically eligible passengers.

A new version

It’s been 9 months since we launched with the promise of letting an independent computer, Ethereum, decide whether or not the insurer, AXA, should indemnify the covered passengers. Since sept-17, we received feedback from our passengers and the Ethereum community and prioritized the following features, now available in the current version of

  1. Fluider customer journey. We simplified the beginning of the process and now only ask information easy to provide (airline and flight number, date of travel) to start a policy purchase. The full journey until purchase is also available on a single page instead of four previously, in order to make purchase easier.
  2. More coverage options. Whereas in the previous version of fizzy, travellers could only hope to get back the equivalent of a third of their ticket price, we now offer 3 types of coverage: low, medium and high. The traveller can choose the appropriate coverage based on his coverage need.
  3. More routes. Italy, welcome to fizzy. From a few routes a day on the first version of the website, we extended to reach 5% of worldwide routes with a focus on Italy where we now include most of the flights between Rome/Milan and most European capitals.

4. Provision of Ethereum transactions to the traveller. Our use of the Ethereum Blockchain is now more explicit and the commitment to pay is provided to each traveller. If you are new to Blockchain but want to check your Ethereum transaction, please use this tutorial.

5. Smart contract open for review. Our smart contract is very simple and therefore not an object of cutting-edge science. Yet in order to comply with multiple requests from the Ethereum community, we have published the smart contract here. It is now available for review and a proof of the accuracy of our commitment to cover with no exclusion (i.e. in 100% of cases whatever the cause of the plane delay)

6. API ready to go. In the “backstage” of fizzy, a lot of work has been done to turn our initial MVP into a robust and scalable solution. This work, combined with a few new features, now enables partners to leverage our API and start integrating fizzy to their sites.

Heading for new improvements

We improved fizzy, true! But we’re not there yet and we know that we still have a lot of work by the end of the year to reach our next milestone. we have that amount of features

  1. More routes. After a monitoring period with our current number of routes, we want to scale and reach a number of routes such that there is more chances to see your flight eligible for coverage than the other way around. We don’t have a clear target now but will specify it soon.
  2. More countries. Today, fizzy is only open to French and Italian residents for regulatory reasons, even though the solution is technically ready for a worldwide access. We shall open this insurance solution to more countries so that you can live the fizzy experience, no matter where you live.
  3. A state-of -the-art solution for partners. After the initial API access, we will open a dedicated section for partners that will allow them to easily and securely integrate fizzy, then launch and monitor their campaigns. Initial tests that we will conduct with early partners will enable us to finetune the list of features we will prioritize.
  4. Crypto-payment. Crypto payment is a long-awaited feature that will help fizzy better address the need of the crypto-community. It will also improve the trustfulness of the fizzy solution. That said, it is not the easiest feature to implement for legal, regulatory and accounting reasons. But we shall do our best to deliver that feature as soon as we can.

5. More trustful oracle. The data used for reference to acknowledge a plane arrival is today open and checkable by anyone. Yet we think we can do better through the multiplication of data sources and the ‘oraclization’ of it under stronger Ethereum standards. This is an objective that we strive to address right after crypto-payment.

6. Above all, more interactions with the community. We know we’ve been a bit silent so far and did not communicate enough with our community of customers or the Ethereum community. Even though there is a cause for that (we are a very small team), we want to change this and communicate more efficiently and directly with our communities. We shall make changes soon to improve our communication.

As you see, we still have a lot of work to get out of the beta status of our insurance platform. But we have loved it so far, and we are confident we will still love it all the way. Because we invent a new and customer-centric way of providing insurance. With that objective in mind, we are confident we can move mountains in 2018. And beyond.

Enough talking. We hope you’ll enjoy this new fizzy. Come visit us at

And now… back to work!