Night Work and mountain bike training

Find the wright balance

A lot of you ask me question about night work and mountain bike training. It’s not simple but you can could find balance. Let me explain on of the most simple rules.

You’re sleep quality and hours make you rest. Every one can train but not every one can rest. The change of training is happening while you’re resting.

Use a training dairy and sleep dairy. is a very good one to use it. You can put you’re training, put some comment. So you can find balance. You can find a balance, you can see a pattern that will make you better. Witch day do you have train, when not. When train hard, when train soft.

You’re sleep pattern is the way to improve. I analyse it for couple of months. I know exactly how many hours a have to sleep a week. Not to much, not to less. To is never good.

So start to track you’re own fitness + comments and go find a you’re sleep hours a week.

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