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Screencast from Snapchatters™ on Desktop.

Introducing a new Snapchat feature.


My latest side project is the missing “Explore” section of Snapchat, releasing today.

Screencast from Snapchatters™ on iPhone 6.

Beyond your friends.

Finally explore Public Stories in Snapchat.

Snapchat has been built as a (very) private messaging app since the very beginning. That’s why there is neither an Explore tab within the app nor Autocomplete system when searching for a user.

But when they launched the “Story” feature — about 5 months ago, it started to change. Some people started to create really unique, “almost-live”, and mobile only content. Some of them went from creating Private to Public content.

Carefully handpicked.

“La Creme de la Creme” of the Stories.

Snapchat launched the “Discover” section just a month ago. A curation of editorial content shot on HD cameras and edited in professional studios.

Snapchatters™ is exactly the same with content created from Snapchatters that don’t have a social media team or an advertising budget. The very values Snapchat was built on. Authenticity, immediacy and the feeling that you have to engage with the content right now.

@evanspiegel,- Snapchat CEO mentioned something near this in the video below.

Michael Bloomberg and Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel on Innovation, Sexting, and Critics.

Every single Snapchatter featured on Snapchatters™ creates amazingly unperfect content. Sometimes it’s hilarious, crazy or weird. Sometimes it’s beautiful and touching. I review every single one by watching their stories during one week minimum. Once a great story stands out, it’s added to the website, simple as that.

No upvotes, no likes, no comments, no sections. For the moment, Snapchatters™ is just a simple list featuring the Snapchatters that create the best Stories. Scroll, add, scroll, add..

Constantly updated.

There’s gonna be more and more Snapchatters.

I am a Snapchat enthusiast so I’ll always be updating the website. But this is without counting on you guys. If you regularly watch Snapchatters you like, just give them a shoutout by submitting them to Snapchatters.co.

Submit your fav Snapchatters now.

Send me an email at laurent.desserrey@gmail.com to submit a Snapchatter. I review every single Snapchatter that people submit. I add them on Snapchat and watch their Stories. Anyone who stands out from the crowd will be added to Snapchatters, simple as that.

If you want more from your Snapchat Stories, add all the Snapchatters featured on Snapchatters.co and enjoy your new Snapchat of great stories.

Thanks to @dunjalazic who helped correcting my broken english in this article. Big up.

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