You already feel every single one of them.

Mobile messaging started as a copycat of ‘Desktop messaging’ apps like MSN or AIM, but in a smaller version. That was rad, you could reach your contacts from anywhere. A desktop-friendly interface scaled to fit smaller screens. We’ve been using these interfaces for a long time now and nothing has changed. My guess is, changing something that works is tricky, change is tough to come by.

Tiny keyboards.

[UPDATE - 02–24-2015] Snapchatters has been featured on Product Hunt today! Leave an upvote if you enjoy.

Screencast from Snapchatters™ on Desktop.

Introducing a new Snapchat feature.


Here is the inception of Leak.

A week before starting.

That week was one of the most stressful week I’ve ever had. I won’t tell the whole story because it’s long, but basically I heard that all my revenues were going to stop in September. We had an atypical relationships with our investors from who we raised funds during college. No insurance, no benefit. The situation was complicated. I had to make the good move. Something quick and cool. I wanted it simple, my style. I wanted peace.

I heard about Secret and started to use it. I loved it and enjoyed the excitement…

𝔏aurent 𝔇el ℜey

Product Design at @Snap. Shipped a bunch of products on @ProductHunt

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