A playbook for the digital world

As someone who has been fighting to explain what digital technologies were about to change in our world for the past two decades, I have many times been in this situation of facing a skeptical executive who needed to be convinced that 1) it was really about to happen 2) it was a huge disruption 3) now is the time to act. Over the years, I’ve been able to refine my arguments, seeing that certain things connect better, while others make people feel threatened and looked down on.

Emakina’s Digital Transformation Manifesto, although not perfect, is full of simple slogans that really capture the essence of digital transformations, and will help anyone convince the last remaining skeptics of the urge to embrace digital. There are points I like, and others I don’t, so I’ll go over them hoping to lure you into downloading a PDF that is really worth it.

Points I like

  • There is no hiding from digital
  • There are seven billion experiences to be created
  • Yesterday’s management models have run out of steam
  • Digital is not a tool. It’s a state of mind [That’s why it’s so hard to learn…]
  • Digital is not a separate department in the company
  • Companies must become “experience companies”

Points I think are true today, but were also true in the past:

  • It is vital to break the boundary between customers and staff
  • There’s no customer experience without an employee experience
  • Disrupting oneself is better than being disrupted by others
  • It takes time for things to happen quickly
  • Talent first
  • You sweep staircases starting from the top [changes start at the top]

Points I think are simplifications:

  • There’s no room for second place [not entirely true: lots of companies are number one on the market they are interested in, their city, region or country]
  • Digital transformation is essential [applies to many businesses, but not all]
  • Digital in brief : making things simple [I would say “making things customer centric”, not necessarily simple]
  • No, the staffs are not digital dummies [still a challenge to many companies to bring senior employees up to speed]
  • Tomorrow’s companies will be horizontal and multi-sector [I’m always very defiant towards these kinds of generalisations, as I’ve seen human beings do business in so many different ways]

Points I don’t agree with:

  • The global village is becoming a jungle (competition is fierce) [imho saying “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer” would have been more accurate. Companies like Google or Apple are building empires that will be almost impossible to displace]
  • The digital culture isn’t bought. It’s experienced [and in a company you often create experiences by buying them]
  • Only polymaths will win [I’m pretty sure there is a lot of room for experts of all kinds in tomorrow’s world]

Download Emakina’s Digital Transformation Manifesto (also available in French)