Meet Aziz, a Syrian aeronautical engineer looking for a job

Today is the day you hear the story of a Syrian refugee and go “this could be me”. Help spread the word by sharing this post, by pinging in the comments those who you think should help, or by getting in touch with Aziz directly using the link at the end.

Aziz Kharsa, Aeronautical Engineer

About two years ago, Aziz was living in Dubai. He had a normal life, a flat, a car, friends, a pet, etc.

His job was to manage the stock of spare parts for Emirates, performing predictive analysis to forecast future materials and spare part trends based on the issues reported by the maintenance crew.

Aziz recently turned 29. In 2003, he left his home country with his family to start a new life in Dubai. He attended school there, then moved on to Emirates Aviation University, graduating with a BA in Aeronautical Engineering.

Six months after graduation, Emirates offered a job in materials provisioning and inventory control. Aziz worked there for three years. His good performance landed him a promotion and two certificates of excellence. Increased responsibilities quickly followed, and Aziz turned his attention to data driven maintenance planning, developing predictive analyses to anticipate which parts would be most needed during maintenance.

In Dubai, as in many countries, one needs a valid passport to get a residency permit. Aziz’s Syrian passport was almost expiring sometime in 2014, and he went to the local Syrian embassy to renew it. There he was told he had to go back to Syria for military service. He received a temporary one year passport, but going back would have been suicide. Aziz’s village is under heavy fire, and crossing the border would mean getting enrolled in the army. Facing the prospect of being deported back to Syria, Aziz folded his life in a few days, and embarked on a journey to Europe, ending up in Switzerland.

After a long struggle Aziz just obtained a B permit from the Swiss state (well done Switzerland, we can use super qualified engineers in this country), he is learning French (currently level B2) and recently enrolled for Horizon Académique, a social and academic integration program for refugees who have been forced to interrupt their studies in their country or who have already completed one or more degree programs, offered by the Université de Genève. He is currently doing a master of science in management.

Aziz is a young professional promised to a brilliant career. His path has been interrupted by war, yet he represents a huge opportunity for a Swiss organization in need of a talented, well trained and entrepreneurial engineer. He is looking for a an internship as required by his university program, and eventually a full time job in Geneva, Lausanne or other cantons.

He is looking in his field which is comprised of his aeronautical engineering background, his work experience in logistics and maintenance planning, and the skills he is currently acquiring during his masters program at UNIGE.

You can find his resume here. Thanks all for your support.

Starting in January, I will post these profiles through THRIVE Association. Since I saw the high level of interest in these posts so far, I wanted to incorporate it into a clearer structure, which THRIVE is able to provide us with. This structure will also allow other motivated individuals to get involved, meaning that we will be able to scale up our efforts and find jobs for more candidates. For whom is unfamiliar with THRIVE, they are an association that aims to facilitate access to the job market for refugees and ease their integration in the regions of Vaud and Geneva. Get in touch with Anna Walker if you would like to get involved