What Happened When My Wife Told Me She Was Gay
Dustin Bilyk

Hi Dustin. Thank you for sharing your story. It is beautifully written and it gave me a temporary sense of relief knowing that someone else went throught the same thing I did. Notice I said “temporary” because the outcome of our respecful stories is very different, and I have yet to find someone like me. Yes, my wife came out a few years ago. The only difference is the mere fact that she and I are still together. Our love for eachother and reciprocal compassion being so vividly strong, we decided to stay together. The past 3 years have been a long rocky road but we are finding ways to make this work, despite the obvious. I am writting my story and will release it some day, in the hope to help others, and perhaps find another man or woman who has made the choice to “suck it up” for family’s sake. We are all confronted with choices every step of the way. It is not our decisions that define who we are, but the reasoning behind it. In reference to some comments I read on this page, I notice how you and your ex-wife still have a good relationship. I applaude and respect you for being so open. Thanks.