On Having a Fake Internet Job

It’s Saturday night.

You’re an entrepreneur, and you’re working.

These are exciting times we live in.

Your friend calls and blurts out “bro where are you, you need to come here”.

“Here” is a get-together with people you don’t know.

Prepare for small talk.

“So what do you do?”
“I make websites…”
“You don’t say.”

Not that exciting… So sometimes I try a different approach.

“I’m an entrepreneur.”
“So you’re in between jobs?”
“I said entrepreneur…”

This is the part where it usually gets tricky.

“So what have you entrepreneured?”
“A few things, most recently an app for invoicing and accepting payments”
“Like an iPhone app?”
“No like… I mean yea but not on iPhone, just like a website”
“Like Paypal?”

At this point I have to decide if I want to be factually accurate or if I just want to blend in with the normal people.

“You see, the thing with Paypal is that… Never mind. Yea just like Paypal.”

I feel like I’m selling my soul.

I started Simple Invoices because invoicing with Paypal is miserable.

“Actually, I’m a drug dealer.”

I put my drink down and walk away.

Social skills on deck.