“Live peacefully and make a positive impact”

Family and friends are what Tiffany values the most and who influences her the most. She handles tough decisions by talking to those people and gaining advice that she will consider when making her decisions. Her definition of happiness is simple. She is most happy when she is around certain things she loves to do, and the people she loves; her friends and family.

Her purpose of being in school is to get an education. She is at Marquette to further her studies in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing and Advertising. She is studying public relations because she wants to help improve two-way communication with a company and its publics, and to all in all better the world. She is in school because she wants to get a job that she loves and support her own family who will later influence her in everything she does.

She describes herself as free. Although her friends and family influence her, she is the only one who can and will make the final decision. Communication is super important to Tiffany. That is what makes things happen. She believes her creator is a higher entity that has power over us all.

In order to survive in the literal sense, she needs food and water. In the figurative sense to survive, she needs her family and friends.

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