The Ideal Study Room

To get the most out of studying, feeling comfortable in a setting is part of the success.

There are as many different study environments as there are students. Finding the right place to study is just the beginning. Some students cannot study in a place that is too quiet, say the library, because once the slightest bit of noise is made, they notice it more often, which distracts the mind from the material more often. On the other hand, some students need the quiet because they cannot tune out environmental noise.

My personal preference mainly depends on my mood that day and what I need to get done. If I am writing a paper, or making a power point, doing anything that I don’t need much retention for, I often find myself wanting to study in an environment with some of its own background noise. However, when it comes to studying for a test, or doing econ or math homework, I find myself heading to the library. Never, will I study in my room because my bed always looks more comfortable than my desk.

When I am at the library reading or studying, I tend to have my headphones in and listen to music, but not just any music. I YouTube classical study music, ones without lyrics and mainly songs I do not know. I do this because when I hear songs that I know, I tend to focus on the lyrics rather than what I am doing.

What I am wearing, beleive it or not, plays one of the biggest roles in my studying habits. Jeans is a definite NO. I prefer to be comfortable, which results in mostly loose attire, like sweats and a sweatshirt or t-shirt. Long hair is a nuisance. I always bring a pony tail to tie it back when I begin studying otherwise it is just another distraction.

Temperature is another variable. Why would you want to be too hot or too cold while trying to concentrate? All you would concentrate on is the temperature and how uncomfortable you are. My preffered tempertature is an ideal sixty-nine degrees. Not too hot, not too cold. But majority of the time I cannot control the degree of coolness in a place. I would much rather be cold then hot, however, because I can just layer on the clothes and still be cmforable.

The company of a hot coffee at night makes everything that much better. Not only does it help me stay awake, but I like to think it helps me preform better by aiding my brain to retain information a little more and spit out a well written paper.

and lastly,

Make sure you are comfortable, but not too comfortable…

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