When Bravery Duels Safety

Lauren Warren
May 29, 2019 · 2 min read

Where there’s a duality, there’s a choice; a duel between between two separate realities, two different outcomes, two opposing multiverses.

This is this universe. The other you belongs in another universe.


In this multiverse…

My safety suffocated my bravery.

Well, I can see both sides.

The group glances my way, disappointed then apathetic that I didn’t contrinute meaningfully. The conversation quickly molds over the gap I left.

Yeah, everything’s fine.

Everything is not fine, honey. We can tell people the truth.

She’s too nice.

That’s the one that hurts the most, honestly.

In another multiverse…

My bravery lords over my safety.

It doesn’t feel good when you talk to me like this. Please stop.

I want things to change, and only I will stick up for myself.

I just booked my first conference presentation… and 30 people have already pre-registered!

This girl gets OUT and speaks her truth. She is radiant, approachable, and wise.

She is amazing! I truly look up to her.

More than anything, I want to make a difference. To be meaningful.

Is that brave girl so far out of reach? Am I destined forever to play it safe, to be ol’ faithful, to watch on as others blaze their way through life? People don’t even believe I’m a Leo — born for leadership and opinions.

I don’t think she’s out of reach. I just plucked her out of the other Multiverse and plopped her here on paper, in this reality.

What does it take for someone to tiptoe into another Multiverse? To welcome pieces of it into the current reality? A sort of blended Multiverse that explores possibilities, that supports your dreams, that dares to leave the comfort zone.

It just takes a decision.

Explore one duality, trade it for another. You are not confined to a box; to one Multiverse.

It’s within your control. You create your own universe.


Lauren Warren

Written by

All about living, learning, and leading in a mindful, productive, and authentic way. More at laurendwarren.com.

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