New Music Wednesday, August 31

It’s Wednesday. Wednesday. Gotta get down on Wednesday.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, what’s up everybody? Since I was so busy & things just got shoved around last week, this week is a DOUBLE New Music Wednesday. New music coming at you from the past TWO weeks instead of one, so a few extras on the list this week. Sorry for being AWOL, guys.

Now, what to expect this week: The VMAs were Sunday & were chock-full of surprises, so this week might lean a little more toward the mainstream.

Anyway, here we go.

  1. Frank Ocean — Solo

I can’t tell you how happy I am to FINALLY be able to put new music from Frank Ocean up on this blog. I think I’ve mentioned it in almost every nmw since I started, so. Here we are. Starting off the list with the surprise drop of Blonde that we all kind of saw coming but didn’t really. If that makes any sense Probably not. Plus the visual album drop? Who saw THAT one coming? Just listen to the album, guys.

2. Dan Croll — Swim

Funny story about this one. Actually, two funny stories. First, I had no idea Dan Croll was dropping new music. I found out because of a random tweet. I have no idea if it was one of those promoted tweets or whatever, but I checked it out regardless. Always looking fornew music, I am. When I went to go add it to the list I found out that the video just dropped today. Talk about coincidence. Another one, if I might add, is that Matty Healy from The 1975’s 18-year-old model girlfriend Gabriella Brooks is in this video. I knew she had filmed a music video a bit ago because of her twitter, but had no idea it was THIS video she was premiering in. How wild. Anyway, the song is lovely & it’s on the list so listen to it. Boom.

3. Young Thug — Wyclef Jean

There was sooooo much buzz about Young Thug’s new album Jeffery this past weekend on twitter. I’m not putting this on the list because of the buzz, however. I’m putting it on because “Wyclef Jean” is an absolute bop & I’ve been playing it since the album dropped last Friday. Side note: have you seen the behind the scenes photos of young thug in this wonderful get-up for his album cover? Do yourself a favor & DO IT.

4. EDEN — Fumes ft. gnash

EDEN just dropped a new album with 2 discs, one featuring 4 songs: “sex,” “drugs,” “and,” “rock + roll.” If I ever drop an album, each song title will spell out a sentence, too. “Fumes” is featured on the second disc of the album & features artist gnash. Gnarly, huh? I really like the changes in sounds & tempos throughout. I haven’t kept up with EDEN for long, but the Irish singer’s cover of Billie Jean caught my attention, so when I saw new music from him I had to check it out. He’d probably be considered pop-rock if he didn’t twist & adjust sounds & vocals throughout seemingly upbeat tracks, which makes him interesting & worth watching out for. Take a listen to “sex” & “drugs” back to back & see the contrast for yourself.

5. TIEKS — Sunshine ft. Dan Harkna

If you want to dance, just take a listen. I know this one isn’t exactly new, but it dropped over the summer I was listening to an interview on BBCR1 morning show & this came on & I couldn’t stop bopping to it. It puts you in the ultimate good mood. Plus this video is quite literally full of sunshine & puppies. Enjoy.

6. Katelyn Tarver — Planez

Hi. I’d like to know where ON EARTH this came from?????! Katelyn has been on the music scene (under the radar) since I was in high school, at the very least. She toured with the Jonas Brothers & was a main character on the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush. Her music thus far has been reflective as such: soft, kid-friendly pop that usually follows an acoustic sound. She has changed her sound up quite a few times, which isn’t a crime. Artists do that whether to stay relevant or because they’ve changed. But THIS is such a leap from what I’m used to hearing from her I had to include it. Also, I quite like it. So congrats to the newly married & (hopefully) up-&-coming Tarver. If she keeps dropping stuff like this, I’m hoping to hear even more from her. Go stream it on Spotify, por favor.

7. Tinie Tempah — Girls Like ft. Zara Larsson

I heard this on the radio the other day. Yes, American radio. I screamed so loud my mom thought I was going to wreck my car. You see, I’ve been following Tinie Tempah for YEARS, as many of you probably have, & have been waiting for American radio to finally play his stuff because he’s deserved it for a very long time. He’s got one of the most recognizable vocals (in my opinion) & I can always count on a Tempah track to get me moving. Biggest test now is seeing how many Americans actually know what a Brit award is, catch his reference in “Girls Like,” & how many he’s won. Just saying.

8. Eli Sostre — Aint Love Strange

Eli Sostre was another artist I wanted to put on my nmw post last week, but since there wasn’t one here it is. I don’t know much about Eli, but I do know this is his first full length EP on Spotify & it’s awesome. The EP’s title track “Still Up All Night” is such a tune. I just really like his slow, echo-ey rhythm & rap vibe. According to an interview with FADER magazine, Eli talked about writing this album while producing for others & that it’s his life’s work.

9. Ellie Goulding — Still Falling For You

Yes. I know. Another radio hit, mainstream track on the list this week. I get it. I’m slipping. But I LOVE Bridget Jones’ Diary (call me a sap) & this song is beautiful, ok??? This makes Goulding’s like 20th soundtrack contribution, right? Divergent, The Hunger Games, even 50 Shades of Grey. I don’t know, guys. I just….don’t know. But “Still Falling” is so nice. Ugh. Hate to love it, honestly.

10. Angel Olsen — Sister

I’m really stoked to hear Angel Olsen’s new album. Even though “Sister” isn’t one of her most exciting tracks released from the album so far, It’s dreamy & nostalgic & great. My favorite of the new tracks from the album so far is “Shut Up Kiss Me” released back in June, but since “Sister” is the newest I thought I’d give it its time to shine. Because, like I said, it does shine. It shines in its own right because each track Olsen releases is something completely different from the other. She doesn’t want to be pigeonholed, & that’s rad.

11. Hayley Kiyoko — Gravel To Tempo

So here’s the deal. I keep forgetting to put Hayley Kiyoko on this blog. There’s probably way too much music that sounds like this on this post but I don’t really care. My blog my rules, yo. Since I forgot to last week (& two weeks ago…), I gave her a spot today. Let me just give you guys the low down on why I love Hayley so much. Not only is she a talented recording artist. No. Girl can sing, dance & act. Doesn’t sound very original, but in the genre she’s managed to break into after being in a girl group (with Tinashe, no less) AND a Disney actress, it’s almost unheard of. She’s in the new movie XOXO on Netflix with Sarah Hyland about a fictional music festival, she was in the wildly popular Disney Channel Original movie Lemonade Mouth (I’m still waiting for a follow up because it might still be way too underrated for me. That movie was gold, don’t even play with me), & managed to make it out of the Disney stigma easily, leading to a successful solo music career not in the pop music genre AND continued to get cool movie & tv roles. I geek out over her because I think she’s rare. You don’t see stuff like her often, even though you think triple threats are a dime a dozen. She’s still doing everything on her own terms & I think she’s rad. Plus she’s lgbtq friendly. Ok, rant over. Listen to her new song “Gravel to Tempo” now & get the urge to fight off those high school mean girls.

12. Kanye West — Fade

I don’t even like the song. I really don’t. But…… have to watch the video.

13. One Republic — Kids

How can anyone listen to One Republic, past or present, & not see the magic that is Ryan Tedder? One of the most talented out there & so underrated just because the music he produces is pop. Whatever, I digress. Just listen to “Kids.” It won’t be what you expect it to be. It really didn’t even sound like a One Republic track when I first heard it. I thought it was some new indie group making a break through hit.

Even more from this week:

Kid Froppy — bb (four missed texts), Mac Miller — We ft. CeeLo Green [side note: this has been stuck in my head for DAYS], Coast Modern — The Way It Was, A R I Z O N A — Cross My Mind, Big Gigantic — All Of Me

What’s going on next week:

I honestly have NO IDEA. There’s a lot going on in early September, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen next week. You just got to come back and see what will be up.

See you guys then,


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