New Music Wednesday, August 3rd

As well as posting my music picks of the week, I’ll try & stay as current as possible with who’s releasing music when.

Also, since this is my first week posting, this list will probably seem all over the place. Oh well.

Now that I’ve clarified, here comes the fun.

  1. Galantis — No Money

Looking for another “no money, no problem” anthem? In the wake of Sia’s Cheap Thrills Billboard #1 release, it seems that partying without a dime to your name is the new ‘dolla dolla bills, y’all.’ Galantis is made up of a Swedish electropop duo. No Money is a chant-worthy club anthem that has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now.

2. THEY. — Say When

If you’re looking for something intense & awesome, take a listen. If you don’t know of THEY. yet, hopefully you will soon. Made up of Dante & Drew, THEY. just opened for big name Bryson Tiller in London. Check out their Facebook & Soundcloud to hear more tracks & learn a bit more about them.

3. Fickle Friends — Swim

Needed a bit of a fun-loving, groovy song on the list. Definitely the most indie-pop friendly of this week’s picks so if you’re in the mood for something upbeat, this one’s for you. Definitely keep a close watch on these guys. They just released Cry Baby last Thursday & will hopefully be releasing a full length album soon. Also check out the Great Good Fine OK remix. Definitely worth listening to both.

4. Rihanna — Love on the Brain

This track is far from new, but buzz about it is still circulating since her performance on the Billboard Music Awards (do yourself a favor & watch the video if you haven’t already). Plus, her performances of it on her Anti World Tour have created meme worthy twitter posts galore, since she quite obviously puts her all into it (yet again, if you want to see her other performances of this song, do it. It’s worth it).

Anti is my favorite of her albums, so if you need me, I’ll be wailing, “Don’t you stop loving me, don’t quit loving me, just start loving me, babe,” ’til the cows come home.

5. Grimes — Medieval Warfare

Zane Low just previewed Grimes’ new track for the Suicide Squad soundtrack today, with the full song being posted on Apple Music, so it definitely had to go on the list. Like the movie, it’s gritty, dirty & hits pretty hard. I can’t wait to go out & grab the full soundtrack (yes, I still buy physical CD’s) & catch the premiere of the film tomorrow night at midnight (yes, I’m that person).

According to an article posted on FACT Mag’s website, Grimes should be done with her next album soon. It’s reportedly going to have B sides & songs that didn’t fit the flow of her last album. She definitely got down to work pretty quickly, since her last album just recently dropped late last year. Busy, busy bee, that Grimes.

6. D.R.A.M. — Broccoli feat. Lil Yachty

This one is purely indulgent. I haven’t had a song stuck in my head for months like this one in a long time. Also, Lil Yatchy’s red braids in the video give me life.

7. Róisín Murphy — Ten Miles High

The ‘ramalama, bang bang’ queen has just released tour dates to her FIRST EVER North American tour & I could not be more stoked. We can never have enough art-pop in the world, so I’m going to keep spreading it like wildfire. Ten Miles High has a bit of a synth 80’s feel to bop your head to. Nothing too high or low about this track. It’s steady, which makes it clean & enjoyable.

8. Flume — Say It feat. Tove Lo

I better not lose credit for this one….it’s just so damn catchy. Flume is killing it, as always, but this Tove Lo collab is pop-dub heaven. If you’re skeptical, just wait for the drop in the chorus. If this one doesn’t get radio play soon, I’ll be really surprised. Tove Lo has new music coming out soon, plus her song with Nick Jonas, Close, is still making it’s radio play rounds.

Flume’s most recent album release, Skin, hit in May, supplying us with loads of summer music fuel.

9. Matt DiMona — Next 2 U feat. Kiki Halliday

Matt DiMona’s Up All Night EP Just dropped last week so I thought Next 2 U would be a great slow fit for this list. I’m also way into Kiki Halliday’s relaxing falsetto. Usually, she has a walking-down-the-street-with-a-smile-on-your-face vibe, kind of like Sara Bareilles, but Next 2 U gives her a sexier, raw feel. “Dancing in my room, can’t keep my hands off you,” got me feeling all the feels.

10. Jarryd James — 1000x feat. Broods

Broods just recently released new music, so when I saw this collab I was ready for something fresh. Jarryd James has a very similar vocal styling, so the match is pretty magical. His first full length album just dropped last Friday, so I thought it only fitting to close the list out with this chill, sweet single.

What to look for next time:

HOPEFULLY we’ll have a Frank Ocean release by this Friday. Quite FRANKly (see what I did there?) I have trust issues with that man, but since it’s been practically eons since he’s released new music, I’m hoping the rumors are true. We’ll just have to see.

See you back here next week,