CNA #1

New indoor track facility is ‘among the best in the country’

Liberty University completed it’s new and phenomenal indoor collegiate track facility, and on January 28th held the grand opening. The indoor track features include: an eight-lane, 100 meter track and can host 1,500 sports fans to view the runners on the hydraulically-banked track. The indoor track’s impressive feature allows the position of the track to be changed for different speed events.

Red Panda missing from Virginia Zoo

The Norfolk Virginia Zoo realized, on January 23rd, that the red panda was missing from her personal enclosed habitat. The Zoo checked the grounds and made a public post about the missing panda. The public post was made to make civilians aware of the missing panda and what to do if he or she may stumble upon it.

Classes with some class

Introduction to Scuba is one among many new courses held for the students attending Liberty University. This course can impact those who desire to do underwater welding, or even those who are intending to complete a criminal justice major — which would be useful for an underwater crime scene investigation. The instructor promotes this course for the sake of emergency situations Scuba diving would be useful for.

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