The Key to Success in Writing for Digital Media

I will be the first person to tell you I was extremely nervous about taking this particular course and almost dropped it. I knew Writing for Digital Media was a required course for my NMAC degree so I decided to stay in this class and give it my best effort. 
The first thing I learned about this course is to read the syllabus. I’ve also learned in the past week how understanding Dr. Lucas really is and as long as you are working and giving it your best he will be more than happy to help you. I feel as though this particular course is going to teach us all the lesson of hard work and keeping up with assignments and due dates. I have also learned within the past week how different this course is going to be from any course I have ever taken in the past, because this is all so knew to me. My past NMAC courses the only sites I have used are Brightspace and the MGA Humanities Online. So during this particular semester I will be learning how to use two completely new websites, Slack and Medium. 
I feel in order to succeed in this class we need to all do our work and try our best and I think by doing those particular things the outcome will be good. I think everyone will learn responsibility and how important is to get your work done daily and always remember due dates and how important is not to wait on the last minute, because who can depend on technology these days? Technology is not reliable at all. I feel like success also in this particular course it not based on a letter grade, but also confidence. I will further explain what I mean by confidence. Many of us do not like to get out of our comfort zone and try new things. But most of us will have to try new things; such as learning how to be confident enough to learn how to use Slack and Medium and writing these posts on Medium weekly. 
 I cannot think of any unanswered questions at the moment, I think the smartest thing for all of us to do is to bookmark the syllabus and refer back to it when we have particular questions and problems. I think this course will be fun for everyone that gives it their best effort and is willing to try new things.

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