Overcoming Trauma

Even after hearing it, daily, for years now, it is still astonishing to me how prevalent trauma is. When a tragedy rocks your own world, it’s hard to believe that anyone could possibly understand the intensity of the fear, shame, and pain you are experiencing. Yet I’ve seen proof with my eyes that so many people have been affected by trauma and understand, firsthand, the crushing results.

Since trauma affected me personally, at a young age, I feel extremely empowered by my ability to comprehend the nuances of recovering from trauma and having exceeded my expectations for what would be possible in my life after having that experience. Even more than surviving, in fact thriving, is within your reach if you have been through trauma at any point in your life for any reason. My mission with Soul to Substance is to offer real-life support and collaboration with you as you re-write your present and future story about who you are, what you deserve, and where you are going knowing that all is truly good! Peace and prosperity are in the near future, and I look forward to starting this journey full of natural ups and downs with you! You are no longer alone!

Lauren Zolecki-Polzin, MA Clinical Professional Psychology and Online Trauma Coach at Soul to Substance

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