The Time is NOW…

If someone comes to me and says “Lauren, I believe you should put your focus on transforming your life right now, and I really want you to focus on that for the next 6 weeks”, I can guarantee that my first thought would NOT be, “Oh great! When do I begin?!?!?!?!”. My soul’s desire, if I allowed it, would truly be to jump into this with both feet, however, I have been conditioned, like most of us, that it is selfish and unrealistic to consider engaging in such a deep personal growth experience. Taking time to take care of the core of my being - my soul? How ridiculous! Who has time for that? Or … “Well, some day that would be really nice, if I could find the time to do that!” Let’s be serious, ladies! That time is NEVER going to come UNLESS you decide there is time!

Please know in the depths of your soul that you DESERVE to make your “SELF” a priority! I’ve never met a person in my life who didn’t have some potential for mental, emotional or spiritual growth. We all have things that we could do more learning on and new levels of wellness to achieve. Even those of us who’ve done a **** ton of work in these areas have plenty of room to heal and grow. I cannot tell you how many very respected and successful women I have heard proclaiming that they are still working on things and growing. Oprah Winfrey, herself, is still on her journey as evidence by her affiliation with Weight Watchers in the past 2 years! (See my TIP at the end of this article).

No human being I know has arrived to a point where they are beyond the need for additional introspection, growth, healing, and improvement. My personal coach just got back from a 10-day experience in Peru where she worked her *** off having breakthroughs of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual nature. So inspiring, right?!?!?!?

Consequentially, this is not about “if”, it’s about “when”? Clearly, you are the only one who can decide that, and you truly must be ready to do so! I don’t know what you may have to lose by not making this decision now, but I do know how much FREEDOM you will gain, if you make the decision to move forward with me! I am working with women every day who are ready to make the leap and to invest in a loving and inspirational experience that is geared at overcoming anything that might be holding you back and discovering your true self! Sign up for a free Discovery Call with me today!

Lauren Zolecki-Polzin, MA Clinical Professional Psychology and Online Trauma Coach at Soul to Substance

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