Robert Capa & Henri Cartier-Bresson Photography Exhibits

Italy has been home to fantastic art for centuries. Beginning through magnificent displays of frescos and marble statues the art scene has ever so slightly adapted to more modern forms of art. As I mentioned in my presentation Magnum is home to the most talented photographers in the world — especially street photographers. Magnum’s vision is to document “world events, people, places and culture with a powerful narrative that defies convention, shatters the status quo, redefines history and transforms lives.” Magnum is not limited to an agency of photographers; they also host art exhibitions all around the world of photographers that belong to the agency.

Currently in Parma there is an exhibition for Robert Capa. Born in Hungary in 1913, Capa was a war photographer and photojournalist and noted as the most recognized war photographer in the world. His most stunning images were captured throughout the Spanish Civil War, World War II, the Sino-Japanese War, an Arab-Israeli War, and the Indochina War. The exhibition is hosting 150 of Capa’s images taken between 1943 and 1944 of World War II. The exhibition will be held at Palazzo Pigorini until January of next year.

Another exhibition being held in Italy is of the famous Henri Cartier-Bresson. Cartier-Bresson is known by every street photographer and has a collected works that is notably the best in the world. This exhibit is being held at the grand Villa Reale di Monza until February of next year. This specific exhibit will host his surrealist work from the 60’s and 70’s. Unlike Capa’s exhibit this one is specifically hosted by Magnum. I plan on attending both of these exhibitions before I leave Italy. It would be an incredible opportunity to see photography in a physical form.