When Being Yourself Causes Others To Feel Intimidated
Poornima Vijayashanker

This is a great post Poornima. Thanks for sharing. I think that candor is the nicer friend of honesty. However, I do think that in all cases you have to be strategic about what you are going to be candid about. Women can be thought of harshly in the workplace for dolling out a bit too much “candor”. While it might be genuine, it is like you say above — going to put some people off. I think it is necessary to be thoughtful about what truths you are going to share and when there might be more effective ways to get the same outcome. For instance, when I’m doing a user experience review with my team, there might be something that is just wrong. Rather than being candid I take into account how certain feedback is going to be received adn then I target my truths to a way that people can hear them. This is much different from what I first started doing which was a whole lot of mouth garbage.

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