Crimson Tides — Issue 3

by Lauri Brock

I felt this 3rd issue needed to be about the exact dangers we face in our feminine care products. This a very real battle that many women are losing without even knowing. (our partner) has also partnered with organizations like the one listed below, in effort to spread awareness to all, regardless of gender! Knowledge is power!

Women’s Voices for the Earth is a powerful organization that has taken its position on the preventative lines of this battle with their “Detox the box” campaign and the fight to make the FDA put a stop to the poisoning of our women! Their site has some great documentation on this that I have used for reference, specifically their “take action” page:

In August 2014 Women’s Voices for the Earth commissioned testing of four types of Always menstrual pads, manufactured by Procter & Gamble. Around 20 different chemicals were found being “released” by the components in the pads, ranging from irritants to cancer causing carcinogens and even products known to cause reproductive harm!

Hear this in your mind, read it twice: “Procter & Gamble does not disclose the identity of the materials used to manufacture its menstrual pads. Thus, it remains unclear which components of the pad may be the source of the volatile toxic emissions.” They won’t even tell us?? Are you infuriated yet? I am! Make a stand, ladies! Take action! Now that we know, we can do better.-”Now We No”.

There are two ways you can take action:

1) Legislation has been introduced that will require ALL manufacturers of tampons and pads to disclose ingredients! Introduced by Representative Grace Meng (D-NY), the Menstrual Products Right to Know Act of 2017 (H.R. 2416) will help put an end to these labeling secrets! Raise your voice to make sure this legislation passes! Go to this link and click the Take Action button to tell your representative to pass this!

2) You can help us on the front lines too! Help educate all people (regardless of gender) about these dangers! We can show you how — visit our site for more info.

With that all being said, what steps will YOU take to stop poisoning our women? This list is not comprehensive. This is just scratching the surface of what is poisoning us today in feminine hygiene products!

Crimson Tides — Stay safe and dry ladies! :}