Navigating Mail Order Bride Price Expenses: Unlock Love Abroad

Explore the world of international romance with my in-depth guide on mail order bride costs. From dating site fees to travel expenses and beyond, discover essential insights on mail order wife expenses.

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Mail Order Bride Costs: Budgeting For International Love

In today’s world, love knows no borders, and mail order brides have captured the imagination of American netizens. They offer the promise of love and the adventure of exploring diverse cultures. However, this romantic journey comes with a price tag. This is why I’ve written a guide that delves into the question of mail order bride cost. I’ll cover every kind of travel expense, associated with looking for a foreign spouse.

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So, buckle up as we explore international dating’s mysteries while keeping a watchful eye on mail order brides pricing. Love transcends borders, but wise choices make for happier connections. Let’s get started!

mail order bride cost

Why mail bride cost shouldn’t scare you

I know from experience that the question of price makes men reluctant to look into the mail order bride industry. They always think that getting to meet a woman this way is too expensive. Many Americans have never been abroad, and they have fears that they can’t afford to visit a foreign country, not to mention courting someone there. Thankfully, things aren’t as gloomy as they appear.

First of all, don’t think of it as just an expensive date. International dating is not solely about forming romantic connections but also about personal growth and cultural enrichment. Engaging with women from different countries makes you broaden your horizons and become a better person. Regardless of your success and the money spent, you’ll make memories for life.

Secondly, the mail order brides cost isn’t as high as you may think. In fact, any man with a stable income can afford all the steps necessary to tie the knot with a woman from another country — even if he has to travel abroad and spend some time here. It’s all about being smart, not rich. Keep reading to learn all the tricks!

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It starts on a good dating site

You can’t meet mail order brides on a random dating app. Tinder, Bumble, etc. are designed for meeting women from your area, mostly for nothing serious. You need a different type of dating site to meet women who specifically wish to marry a foreigner. That’s not human trafficking, mind you, just a very niche type of dating.

Best sites to try in 2024

  1. SofiaDate — most of girls are from Eastern Europe — price starts from $2.99 for 35 credits
  2. SakuraDate — this platform cointains huge database of Asian brides — has 🔥20 Free Credits Bonus after registration
  3. LatiDate — perfect choise if you want to meet Latin bride — has some free features to start

Since it’s not mainstream, and women actively approach men there, such sites are more expensive than regular apps. They can charge for things that are typically free everywhere — opening messages, viewing photos, composing long-form letters. However, this shouldn’t scare you. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to reduce the mail order bride price.

First of all, these sites allow signing up for free. You can try as many as you want, check their pricing, and choose the one that suits you best. Most have welcome credit packages, allowing you to test their features at no cost. Sites without video chats are typically cheaper because they don’t have to staff translators.

mail order brides sites and apps
mail order brides sites and apps

What are the approximate costs? Let’s see. One of the sites I trust sells 750 credits for $149.99. That’s enough for more than 6 hours of non-stop chatting or sending more than 20 lengthy letters. Another popular site sells 1000 credits for $200, which will buy you more than 8 hours of chatting or 50 letters. Some sites charge by the number of messages and not the time — for example, pay $149 for sending 57 messages.

Your choice of a dating site and your preferred style of communication greatly contribute to how much is a mail order bride. You don’t have to spend absurd sums. Just a couple hundred bucks a month will be more than enough to find a woman you like and get to know her. It may take a reasonable amount of time, though. Expect to spend three to six months chatting with different women until you find The One.

How travel impacts the mail order wife cost

Let’s talk about the necessary components of traveling abroad to meet your potential mail order bride in person. I’ll provide approximate costs for men interested in women from different countries.


The journey begins with purchasing plane tickets to the destination where you plan to meet your potential partner. Prices can vary depending on the distance and time of travel, so it’s essential to research and book flights well in advance to find the best deals.

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For example, a round trip from NYC to Rio will cost you $700–800 in November 2024, but if you want to go in June or July 2024, the tickets will be more than $1000.

Going to Moscow and Kyiv is more complicated right now, but you can meet wonderful Eastern European mail order brides in Poland or Slovakia. A round trip from New York to Warsaw can be as cheap as $450, depending on the time of the year!

Curious about an Asian mail order bride cost? Meeting and courting these women will be more expensive than Latin or Slavic brides because of the costly plane tickets. Expect to shell out $1300–2000 to get to China, Japan, or South Korea.

cost of meeting foreign brides offline

Accommodation and food

Accommodation costs can vary greatly depending on the location and the type of lodging you choose, whether it’s a hotel, rental apartment, or other options. Factor this expense into your budget.

If we’re talking about Rio, accommodation costs for a 2-week trip may vary from $500 for a cheap hotel to $4000+ for a suite in a luxury chain hotel. You decide how extra you want to be. And remember that everything gets more expensive during the Carnival period in February!

As for Eastern Europe, the prices will be a bit lower, as you can book a room in a decent hotel for around $2000 for 14 nights. The lower price for nice accommodation and the cheaper plane tickets make the Slavic mail order wife price more affordable.

Prices for mid- and high-range hotels vary throughout East Asia, but you won’t have to pay more than $1500 for two weeks if you’re on a budget. If you want to treat yourself, Beijing and Tokyo can offer some luxurious accommodations costing much more than $3000 for 14 nights, but that’s up to you.

As for food, I know that $50 a day will be sufficient in most cities, given that your breakfast is included in the hotel cost. I wholeheartedly recommend trying out local cuisine because it will be cheaper and healthier than fast food.

Dating activities

Depending on what you like to do on a date, be prepared to spend $50–100 each time. Restaurants, clubs, theatres, and excursions vary in price, too many to list all possible options in each region of the world. But you won’t have to spend more than a hundred dollars to have a great evening with a nice woman, I’ve tested this multiple times.

Date night

So, what’s the total cost for basics?

Based on my approximate calculations, an average mail order bride cost is around $5000, including dating site activities and a 2-week trip to meet the woman in real life. Mind you, you won’t have to spend a lump sum because the whole process is likely to take 6–9 months.

What nobody talks about?

Bringing your bride to the US is a big deal, and it involves lots of paperwork and additional expenses. You’ll have to file a Petition for Alien Relative for $535. Then, the visa for her will cost from $325 to $535, depending on the type. Apart from that, she’ll have to undergo a medical examination and possibly additional vaccination, which is typically around $300. This adds around $1500 to the Latin, Slavic, or Asian mail order bride price.

Another important step is filing the Affidavit of Support — you’ll have to prove that you’re financially stable and can provide for your wife so that she doesn’t rely on government assistance. Although you can file it for free, completing this step may require sorting out your finances. All these steps greatle affect how much is a mail order spouse.

additional mail order bride cost

What’s the cost of mail order bride assimilation?

After the wedding and finalizing all the paperwork, you’ll begin your life together, and your expenses will increase. Even if your mail order wife has a career, she’ll likely need to undergo a US certification, language courses, or additional training to work again. This may cost thousands of dollars and take several years.

For example, if your Ukrainian mail order bride is a doctor, she’ll need to have her credentials evaluated, pass US Medical Licensing Examination, and complete a medical residency program before she can apply for a license and board certification. Each of these steps costs up to several thousand dollars, depending on medical specialty. This may sound like a lot, but you’ll benefit from having a double-income household in the long run.

Naturally, your everyday living expenses will increase — food, bills, medical insurance, gas, car maintenance all add up. You should check the cost of living in your area to estimate how much you’ll have to make to keep yourselves comfortable. For example, a family of four spends around $5,500 per month without rent in Boston, MA.

Since each case is unique, I won’t bore you with any more numbers, but you have to understand that the expenses linked to getting a mail order bride don’t stop when you meet a woman you like on a dating site.

Main takeout on mail order bride pricing

Getting a mail order bride from Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe isn’t like buying something off Amazon. You may think that it’s like a package deal, which is cheaper than spending money on Tinder boosters and dates, but it’s more complicated than that. However, it’s not out of reach for an adult man who has a stable income and some property.

The whole process will likely cost up to $20,000 dollars, but this money will be paid gradually during a long period of time. Although the mail order bride prices may seem scary, you shouldn’t let fear affect your decision. Getting a mail order bride has been the best decision for many men, and you should look into it further if you want to start a family.



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