I have launched a teleseminar for four sessions in this, the month of September that is designed to help people in transforming anger into pleasure using techniques from my practice of Tantra for anger management.

People deny that they are angry because socially and spiritually they are encouraged to suppress it. During the teleseminar I encourage people to be completely responsible for anger, to actually honor it and listen to the message it is telling them.

Anger Management: Transforming Anger into Pleasure: Emotional Release

Anger can be a great barrier to intimacy. Women and men need to practice emotional release on a regular basis in order to transform…

Seems lately I’ve heard a lot of talk about Sex Magic in social media and in the Tantric community.

There are courses and classes and books and blogs all about Sex Magic. Well, I know a little something about mixing powerful intentions with orgasmic pleasure and having the results manifest a life I love!

The practice of sex magic that I am speaking of is using your own body’s organic energy of sexual arousal or actual orgasm with visualization to fuel a deep desire or intention. There is nothing complicated or confusing about it at all. I want to share what I have experienced about Sex Magic with you.

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In the fall of 2009, I moved to Arizona. Upon arrival, my then-husband, and I separated. Really, the day we arrived we separated. It was a confusing and painful time for me. I knew my marriage was over and yet I had all the trappings of a twenty-year relationship. Of course, there was all that public opinion, romance novel, and bad B movie input that informed me of how I was supposed to feel about being “dumped and left.” You know, anger, grief, resentment, regret, indignation, all the awful stuff that is expected and worthy of sympathy from the masses…

Men often ask me questions about their participation in Tantra Workshops. Tantra for men seems to be centered around men’s concerns. Their concerns are different from women’s concerns.

Tantra for men centers around these things: whether or not they have a partner, whether or not they feel they already know how to make love, whether or not they think they can master ejaculation control.

Tantra for Men: Do I need a partner?

No, you do not need a partner. It is a huge mistake to believe that Tantra cannot be practiced without a partner. This is false. Tantra is a set of practices and skills for expanding awareness. This starts with self. Therefore the notion of having to be with someone else to practice is ridiculous. …

Some people would say I am crazy.

Some would say, “You go, Girl!” Some would say things behind my back. Maybe some would roll their eyes thinking, “She’s really done it this time!”

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The truth is, I don’t really care what anyone’s opinion is about it. I posed as a nude centerfold for a prestigious magazine at my age for me and nobody else! And what an epic experience it was and continues to be!

How did this event happen? Who would ask a woman over sixty years of age to be a centerfold anyway? Only another woman outlier, visionary, rule breaker would. And I’m so glad she did.

I remember the day I first heard about Sensheat Magazine. I was at the Sexual Health Expo in Phoenix and someone stopped by my…


Authenticity has been a huge buzzword for years now, but what does it mean?

The only way to keep your relating real is to speak your truth and face everything.

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Avoid nothing.

There’s no way around it. If you settle for less, you get less, and why would you do that?

Speaking your truth is such a critical part of living life in your body. It becomes such an important question to ask yourself:

Why would you or anybody settle for less than the real thing? Settle for inauthenticity?

Authenticity & Ego

There are a lot of excuses, but there’s only one real…

. . . so you can have mind-blowing sex and intimacy?

I began my study and practice of Tantra thinking it would enhance sex making it hotter and at the same time I was scared that if it made sex hotter I might not be able to handle it.

Eight years later is sex hotter? YES.

Is that all? NO.

Tantra translated means expansion through awareness, transformation through pleasure. What that literally means is that your whole being is expanded, increased through awareness of your senses, feelings, energy. This includes awareness of your blockages, places in yourself that stop you from authentically enjoying pleasure. …

Laurie speaks candidly about her book

What a pleasure to define a few concepts I cover in my book Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy to give you an idea of what it covers and what you will learn about sex and happiness when you read it. It’s simple and easy to follow as if you were right there with me having a conversation. It’s a self-revealing book about my life and what I learned about myself and others from teaching the subject of Tantra. In this video clip, I discuss the following ideas and laws of intimacy.

Sex & Happiness: Women Satisfy Yourselves!

Often women want their partners…

What is Puja?

Puja in Sanskrit means reverence, honor, and adoration or worship. In this ancient ceremony, men honor and bless women as the Goddess. Women honor and bless men as God. It’s a beautiful way to show respect and experience deep connection.

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Why is a Puja so special? During Puja, each participant is fully present in every moment while making offerings to the God or Goddess in each person. Each participant honors himself or herself by attending!

Puja is very special to me!

It was in just this ceremony many years ago that my life shifted never to go back to the…

When people think of Tantra they usually find themselves asking, what distinguishes sacred from common everyday sex?

How can they use sex to get to the sacred?

There is so much misunderstanding about sacred sex especially when people first come to hear about Tantra

The short answer is that sex is already sacred. And if you look in your own experience, you probably find this to be true.

You might agree that orgasm is like no other experience. It is pure, unadulterated pleasure — you might say ecstasy. For a brief moment of orgasm, you experience the timeless, the infinite. You experience being connected to the very center of existence. …

When people hear the word Tantra, they usually think of kinky sex, the Kama Sutra, something they saw on HBO or on Sex & the City. That’s if they’ve heard of it at all.

Yet more and more Westerners are turning to Tantra in an effort to transform their stress-filled lifestyles into a blissful celebration. If you live in the greater New York vicinity, you may find this type of yoga most helpful.


It’s easy and takes very little time to make a difference in your life. Anyone of many techniques can bring you a sense of calm and peace in your every day with minimum effort. Plus while practicing you focus on opening to pleasure. How bad could that be?

Some say Tantra began in ancient Egypt, others argue it began 3000…

Laurie Handlers

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