History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

The difference between historic events that were catastrophic for a particular region and today these same patterns playing out is modern technological weaponry and global pollution wiping out all the species on the planet. The human race has reached a pinnacle of annihilation. Some may survive the next catastrophe because there are 7 + billion of us after all but, we won’t survive for long with all the poison that will be released. In the past the human race had a clean planet to got to when Rome fell and the weapons of war were not as pervasively polluting as they are now. Many scientists say we have at most a 100 years left and some give us as little as 30 years and we don’t seem to have overcome this pattern of destruction at regular intervals. So, Tobias your cheery conclusion that after this destructive pattern plays out again giving those who remain a better situation to rebuild is simply untrue and naive. Nice try though.

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