DNC Shatters The Illusion Of American Democracy In Order To Keep People’s 27 Bucks
Caitlin Johnstone

YOU WANT PROGRESSIVE CHANGE? Forget about political parties, forget about particular candidates in elections. THIS is what we need to organize for.

OK, large Marches and whatever else activists are doing out there doesn’t seem to change a thing and it only seems to get worse. Obama took Bushes M.E. wars from 2 and escalated them to 7. And now we have Trump.
We need large scale grassroots organizing without billionaire support manipulating us (George Soros funded 50 organizations to organize the Women’s March). We need Big money out of our elections, our political body and our organizing. 
We need millions of people organized across the country to show up in every state, to every representatives office, everyday by the hundreds and thousands with a list of demands and we stay day after day until those demands are made into law. If a group gets arrested then we need another group to show up to take their place. 
Our electoral system is completely corrupt and we are getting NOWHERE fast.

So I suggest for a list of demands:

1: No private campaign donations; public funding only. All candidates; including 3rd party candidates, get equal amounts of campaign funds. Repeal Citizens United and end all private campaign donations. Public funding only with equal distribution to all candidates and parties.

2: All media; print, internet and especially Television, including cable television gives equal time to all candidates running with unfiltered questions from the public.

3: Bring back The League of Women Voters and have neutral parties; NOT TV NETWORKS or media or any private entities or the DNC or the RNC or any other party controlling the debates. Neutral unbiased entities prepare the debates with unfiltered questions from the public.

4: No electronic counting or voting devices to be used in any and all elections; outlaw them. It is impossible to ensure they will not be hacked and that the software wasn’t deliberately programed with algorithms to favor conservative candidates. (The companies who produce and manufacture our electronic voting machines are far right wing libertarian companies and therefore biased private entities that can not be trusted with the populace vote). Only hand counting with neutral international monitors in every district for the next 10 presidential race cycles and all midterm elections for the duration of the 10 presidential election cycles.

5: Repeal the electorate, A racist system to give lower white population states the upper hand ensuring the institution of slavery. Populace vote only. If we have to rewrite the constitution; so be it. It needs a revision anyway. It is an outdated document that only served white property owning men.

6: All general presidential election cycles with new candidates; not an incumbent candidate, will last no longer than 6 months prior to the election. All general presidential elections that includes an incumbent will last no longer than 4 months prior to the election. All midterm elections will last no longer than 4 months prior to the election and must include the same rules of debates and media equal time and campaign financing rules as described above.

7: Outlaw redistricting in favor of a particular political ideology. The populace must vote on a referendum how they want the district to progress when there is a need.

8: All grade and high school students must take a civics class run by unbiased and neutral parties annually before they can register to vote at 18 or whatever the legal age is to vote. Certificate stating that they took all required courses when first registering to vote.

9: Outlaw all lobbing by private entities such as both large and small businesses, corporations, environmental groups, associations such as AMA and so on. Too many to mention here. Citizen lobbying only to all candidates at local, state and federal levels.

10: Prioritize voting for every election seat in local, state and federal elections. First preferred candidate to last preferred candidate. Instant run off voting. Also, including mandatory institution of a populace quorum vote in every local, state and federal election. If not enough people vote then the election is automatically null and void and another election needs to take place within 1 months time.

Just to be clear we are fighting against Neoliberalism.

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