Makeup Anxiety During The Trump Times
Sarah Graalman

Yes girl. I work in the same industry you do, though not the same department. I… haven’t wanted to be super snarky or let my disgust for what Kellyanne is shilling give cause for me to come down hard on another woman trying to survive in a man’s world. However, I’ve thought many times that professional hands hadn’t touched her face, and… sigh. Oh look, I’ve seen anchors in highly populated local markets do their own make up, but that’s after YEARS of broadcast experience and budget cuts, knowing they’ll be in exactly the same lighting as they were yesterday, and the day before that and so on. On a national stage this should not be done. Just like a person should not go without makeup on TV. You need good makeup just to make you look like you- yes especially in HD/ 4K / or whatever insanely sharp images technology will throw at us tomorrow.

I’ve often thought- could you not at least go get some lessons? A little screen test? A little sump’n sump’n? And while I definitely think you’re right about most of the looks people have on TV- Tammy Faye, Donald Trump especially- are definitely calculated, with Kellyanne I’m not so sure considering some of her clothing choices regarding big “to do” moments. (Inauguration) But you are correct, girlfriend needs help. And it’s one more thing that is disturbing about someone in her position refusing to get it when it could be so readily available.

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