This magical drug mansion in Upstate New York is where the psychedelic ’60s took off
Ahmed Kabil

You might be interested to know that Leary recruited the help of local teens in Millbrook to help him manufacture LSD at this house. My twin cousins were two of those kids. They were 15 when they started hanging around Leary; despite my uncle’s request to him to no longer associate with his children, Leary refused. This was around 1963, 64. Twins. Boys. Within a year they were both brain damaged due to the amount of drugs they had taken. By the time they were 18, one was committed to Bellevue (he is still in an institution today) and the more functional of the two lived the rest of his life on the streets, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami. Not a happy ending there. Whatsoever. It’s not a happy story. It could have ended all very differently if Leary was a different kind of person, as in realizing that 15-year-olds have no business mixing LSD for Leary and his friends. Really not that magic at all.