Beautiful Love Stories – 1

I love listening to love stories. Those that happened in real life. There’s something beautiful about how two random people can meet and decide to spend their lives together. Here’s one story that I have collected.

1) He’s a French born and lived all of his life in Belgium. She’s Japanese who lived all her life in Japan and could only speak that one language.

How they met: He was just starting to learn Japanese. So he signed up on a language exchange website. She contacted him because she was visiting Belgium for a few days and needed someone who could speak some Japanese to act as her guide. So they met, and he showed her around. One month later, he decided to fly all the way to Japan for a one week holiday to meet her.

The challenges: The fact that they have no common language to communicate with is what really baffles me till today. Yes, he could speak some Japanese. But it is impossible to express yourself properly with vocabulary akin to their preschool level. I understand his frustration because we were in the same Japanese class. And the fact that their relationship was a long-distance relationship with massive time difference right from the start, for a number of years. I’m really awed that they could keep it going for so long.

Now: They are happily married in Japan, with a daughter.

I wonder what went through his head when he left the familiar life in Europe to something totally new in his 40s. I wonder how did they exchange conversations through the screen with no common language during their long distance days? Sometimes we couldn’t even understand the other person even though we were speaking the same language. I’m really curious to find out how they did it.

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