If the remuneration rights model is desirable, practical, economically fit, legal and possible, it is fair to wonder whether similar initiatives have been done before. …

On Tuesday I made my way back from Paris to Cambridge. I had no contingency plan for the level of unforeseen pain and embarrassment I was in for.

When my eurostar was anounced at departure I got up and started packing my improvised work station. I felt it at the bottom of my stomach, the familiar sensation of blood pressure slowly dropping. The first thing that hit my mind was denial ‘usual light headedness, will pass’.

Midway through putting items in my bag, I knew I was likely to faint. I dropped to the floor, to think my way out of this and onto the train. From my view point, I was just having a think and planing how to manage the mess coming my way. To the external world, I was a strangely behaving human: suddenly crouching in the lounge, white as sheet, intensely staring at the floor. …

…And the whole wellbeing industry.

What we decide to (or let) our attention lend upon, temporarily takes-over our entire cognitive machinery for a moment. Our neurons wire in response to what we focus on in order to encode the information and ‘writes it’ in our brain. In a way we ‘become’ what we behold. It is a neuroscientific reality that attention shapes our brain along wih the experience we have, which William James puts better than anyone else:

“My experience is what I agree to attend to. …

1. I feel the urge to start jabbing about well-being

I’ve studies for years and sometimes (too often) I have that nagging feeling that whispers ‘for what?’. Who are the people truly benefitting from all that knowledge you’ve piled up over the years outside of strictly work related context? Now I have a channel to share.

2. I asked a bunch of friends and they said ‘ok, you should really do this’

They also provided 200+ suggestions of stuff they’d like to hear about, which I compiled in 52 shades of comprehensive well-being bites for 2018 weekly purposes. I got you covered. I made a calendar here in case you’d like to contemplate with me.

3. Attention Manipulation is the WIN

Attention preceeds any experience we have. This is so basic it hursts. When we don’t watch what falls under the spotlight of attention, we rarely tend to have a good time. Without awareness of what is going on, there can be no questioning or altering the experience we have. In the long run, well-being is informed by what happens in each moments — that and genes, and context, but humour me for a sec — meaning, taking care of our moment-by-moment experience is paramount. Beyond all strategies you can ear about, stating by paying attention to well-being, be it emotional, to performance or connection to others, this only is more powerful than the strategies themselves.


Laurie Parma

Neurospychology researcher @Cambridge_uni turned Well-being Culture and Impact strategist. I use my craft to create the #futureOfLiving & the #FutureOfWork

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