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You Want to Put it Out There: This is Why

When you’re passionately good at something, you’ll find a way to share it with others — you’ll want to put it out there. The reason why is beautiful to contemplate.

The thing you’re really good at springs from a desire to experience a particular way of being. The more you serve that desire, the more diligently you’ll cultivate an ability to create that experience. The better you get, the more you want to have that experience again and again. Having it through one perspective just isn’t enough for you! You want to know it as many ways as it can be known, so you put it out there and allow it to come back to you, evolving and morphing and becoming more with each refraction.

A really great Teacher loves learning — loves the perspective of the student, the act of discovery — and so teaches to experience *learning* through new students.

A really great Chef loves being seduced by what’s on the plate — loves the perspective of the diner, the moment of first taste and enchantment — and so enters the kitchen to fill the dining room.

A really great filmmaker loves cinema — loves the compassionate thrill, submitting to the spell of flickering story — and so makes movies to be in the audience a million times a million unique ways.

We experience life through each other by being true to who we are and expressing our authenticity for others to receive. Love of Self will never be *selfish* because love naturally wants to experience itself in infinite variety and will project prolifically from self to others.

Nourishing one heart’s desire accelerates the adventure of the world.

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Thank you for sharing this with me! I hope you’ll share with others who may be inspired to push through their own creative blocks and boundaries. -Laurie