The Three Pillars of Our Next Food System
Micki Seibel

Yeah, those unintended consequences are what come close to doing us in every time we face a need for major changes. I think there should be a protected space — in academia, maybe? — for the kind of forethought that plays with predictions, probabilities and unwanted consequences. Protected, and even given special status in all manner of planning endeavors. Part of what is so deadly about them now is that the stage of capitalism we are now in means that everyone has to fight to protect some remnants of the old — but we end up protecting things, coal mining for instance, that are indefensible and doomed, making our efforts futile, instead of protecting coal miners, and communities of miners, by drawing them into the new technologies. The other deadly thing capitalism does is make us rush to implement our innovative ideas before we can appreciate the full range of their impacts, forcing, among other things, a kind of universal duplicity. The only truthful field is marketing on marketing.

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