Four: the tipping point

Human beings make mistakes. It is part of the human learning experience. But, I believe there is also a tipping point, where a mistake becomes more, where it moves past a momentary lapse in judgement to a conscious decision that is being actively nurtured. I believe there are moments of perfect balance in these situations where one can own their mistake and rectify things, or it stops being a mistake and becomes who they are as a person. And, I really believe that once that tipping point has past, the damage becomes irreparable. It is hard to watch things like that unfold, seeing that tipping point pass, and knowing that the damage done now becomes a permanent part of the landscape of one’s life, but we are each accountable for our own decisions, responsible for our own experience in life. All we can do is walk our own path, make our own decisions, and when we make a mistake, hope we don’t let that tipping point pass us by.

L. Sherman

the urban crone

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