Two… Facebook Exile…

So, for a few hours, I was locked out of my Facebook account. I was on through the phone app this morning, went to work on a few things, and found that I could no longer access my account. I had never had to deal with that before, and I definitely found it rather disconcerting.

First, my Facebook account is under my maiden name as that is the name I prefer to use through my writing and artwork. I was worried that I would not be able to prove my identity under this name, and would be forever adrift from my pictures, messages, friends and Facebook pages.

Second, it is amazing the amount of apps and accounts that I have that are directly tied to and requiring my Facebook account to access them, including this one. I suddenly found myself without access to this account, where I had just posted my first blog post yesterday. My excitement at starting this new path, and finally taking my writing to the next level, got quickly less shiny as I realized I would have to restart things. Here. Pintrest. Other places. The hassle. The panic.

I was, however, able to jump through the necessary hoops that enabled me to have my precious account back. I am currently breathing a huge sigh of relief.

And looking at how I can untangle Facebook from the rest of my universe so I never feel that way again.

Laurie Sherman

(I promise, it is me… no really it is…)

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