How to Find Products for your Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guides and Product Segments FAST!

Laurie Yannon Wing
Nov 18 · 2 min read

You have a great idea for a round up of products but you’re on a tight deadline and there’s still that tiny detail of finding the actual products. Delegate your busy work to Media News Blast LLC. Researching and reviewing products, reaching out to the companies, interviewing and requesting samples takes a lot of time that can better be spent being creative and writing.

Media News Blast’s free service offers GIFT GUIDES specifically for the Media to assist in finding the perfect products for your upcoming features. We do all of the busy work for you. Simply visit our website at and click on GIFT GUIDES which will take you to PINTEREST. There are thousands of products broken down into categories/boards which makes it a simple process to search for just the right products for your feature. Great visuals and all product info in one place — (photos, description, price, website, etc). We are dedicated to product research, testing and review for all age groups and demographics, providing informed professional guidance to media news outlets and consumers alike. With hundreds of public relations resources at our disposal as well as small and large companies who submit products to Media News Blast on a daily basis — chances are if the product you are searching for is not in the gift guide, we can get our hands on it!

Simply send in your product requests with your media outlet, deadline and story information and let Media News Blast fulfill your product requests so you can focus on your story!

Laurie Yannon Wing

Written by

Producer, Award Winning Author/Freelance Writer, Public Relations, Lifestyle & Consumer Expert On Air

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