While it looks way more beautiful than our old website, you will find that this new landing page has far fewer features:

  • You cannot buy deals
  • You cannot create an account
  • You cannot discover shops around you

So why would we decide to launch a new website that is seemingly less powerful (in the number of features)?

The problem

Our website has been with us since the very first day. While today most of our users (>90%) use our mobile app to transact via Fave, we are still maintaining our web presence. Due to the low impact, we never prioritized improving on…

Fave is a fintech startup, empowering small and medium-sized enterprises to grow in the digital economy. We do this by offering QR code-powered payments and online-to-offline deals and other offers.

Since Fave launched in Southeast Asia, our mobile app has constantly been evolving to continuously allow our users to find great deals, while at the same time launching new products and use-cases.

As Fave is entering a new era, recently having been acquired by the India-based Unicorn PineLabs, it was about time that we do a stocktake and ask ourselves whether our app experience is the best that it could…

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

This week marks my 1 year anniversary at Fave, which coincides with my birthday last week.

For the past years, this period has always been very reflective for me as this would usually be the time when I would love out of a role in a new one. I would think about the previous year, all the fuck-ups I had, how I’d grown, and what I would need to improve going into the new role.

This year is the first time that I will not be switching jobs. That does not mean that I should stop planing for my growth.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

People told me I was lucky when I got my dream job at Fave as Product Manager a year ago. After all, Anisha, a fellow AIESEC and whom I am connected to, works there as Head of People. They thought, she was able to refer me, and that’s how I was easily able to get the job. In reality, I didn’t know Anisha before I started applying. The message I sent to her went like this:

=IF(F33 ="/", "",CONCATENATE("Hello ",INDEX(SPLIT(F33," "),0,1),".
I am reaching out to you, because I am currently concluding my AIESEC career. After 2 years in IT…

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There comes the time in the career of any product manager where the tools and trade you have been learning up until this point just do not cut it for you anymore. Maybe you have just been promoted to Senior Product Manager, you were put in charge of a whole product line or platform, or anything else along that line. What you realize is that until now you measured success based on your output: how diligently you were producing insights from user research, how effectively you would turn those into user stories, and how fast you could release your features…

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My introduction to roadmapping at my first product management job was a painful one. I came into AIESEC’s global office as a new product manager with little experience and thus took “how it was done” at face value, not questioning it. Every six months, there was a major organization-wide conference, where all new product developments would be introduced and downscaled to the organization’s national offices. Buy-in and education to country managers would happen at this touchpoint. It was common knowledge that if you didn’t release your new features there, it would be very hard to downscale and implement them.


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A while back I set out to create my own online presence. I wanted to have a place where I could showcase my work, but also offer my services. I wanted to be able to build a high-performance marketing funnel and have an overview of all my metrics. And most importantly, I didn’t want to pay anything for it! Follow this article if you want to achieve the same. (Note: You will still need a credit card to register for some of the services.)

Well, to be fair, in the end, I decided to pay $10/year to have a .page

Recently I went to a Product Manager Meetup and I couldn’t help but notice that throughout the conversations almost everyone present complained about how much Jira sucks at least once — including myself. Yet again, everyone is using it, including myself and it’s definitely not for a lack of alternatives available on the market. …

When I moved to South East Asia, I knew the money will work a little different. Coming from Germany I’m used to cash. We have a saying: “Nur Bares ist Wahres” meaning “Cash is King”. Wanna pay for your coffee with your card? Good luck This might come as a surprise to other people from Europe. Having lived in the Netherlands for 1 year, I got so used to paying with my card everywhere, that when I came back to Germany for the first time after a while, I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t let me pay for my coffee…

The 3-hour Design Sprint or how to conduct Design Sprints with virtual teams.

If you’re familiar with Jake Knapp’s (of Google Venture fame) framework of the Design Sprint (as described in the book of The Sprint), you will know that it’s a highly effective tool to quickly produce solutions to vague problem-sets.

The idea is to set aside one full week of uninterrupted time for all key stakeholders working on a product or feature, to come out with solutions that have undergone a phase of prototyping and customer validation.

Agenda of the usual sprint process.

At AIESEC, we are not able to follow this framework 100%:

Laurin Lukas Stahl

I am a Lead Product Manager at Fave and a product instructor at various digital academies. Open for opportunities to increase my footprint in the PM community.

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