I read the Chronicle piece on pop culture scholarship & I was of 2 minds about it.
Yung Sula

I absolutely agree. I believe this connects to a larger problem where culture writers are now so consolidated, the person writing on Lemonade this week might be assigned Prince the next and then have to cover anti-blackness amongst police thereafter.

So it’s less about expecting a thorough research review for every 1000-word pop piece, but more a lack of reasonable depth for a given topic plus an output that doesn’t even suggest the person took basic swim through Google search, let alone tried to consider what body of knowledge they want to build off of. I shouldn’t have to read a review of Hamilton in 2016 that says hip hop and musical theater are diametrically opposed, or that the core of hip hop is wordplay. Nobody writing on music or anything else in 2016 should think that if they have a working knowledge of music and popular culture.

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