I also wonder how much of the reluctance to cite comes from editors who discourage hyperlinking to…
Chris Hall

I never thought of that, though I did want to note (but forgot!) how so many citations are self-referential. There was a particular NYT Mag piece that literally all of it’s prefacing material was referring back to the other NYT Mag links that actually weren’t doing any real intellectual work at all, just seemed to exist for the purpose of making the words change color and make it seem like the writer had done their homework. That would also be a nifty link up with that recent study showing white dude academics tend to cite themselves most often in order to bump their own prestige.

Fortunately I’ve never worked with any editors who actively discouraged me from citing other publications. Also, links aren’t the only way to cite and imo can be pretty lazy. In the case of POC or white women, I’ll tend to include a name and title of what I’m referencing whenever possible versus just highlighting a word and making it a hyperlink. Visibility matters.