I Must Be Living Challenged Part 3
Reverend Mary Yankee

Dear Reverend Mary,

You might want to look into the benefits of focused listening music therapy. I discovered a modification of the Tomatis Method, much simpler and less expensive, that can cure ADHD and the range of so-called “mental” illnesses up to and including schizophrenia. Blows to the head can impact the tiny muscle in the middle ear, especially the right ear, that controls the action of the third bone of hearing, which transmits the higher frequencies of music into the brain. To simplify a more complex reality: the right ear feeds the left, rational brain and the left ear feeds the right, emotional brain. All states of consciousness are controlled by those tiny muscles in the ears. Some so-called “spiritual” experiences also are affected by those muscles and people learn to tense or relax them to alter their states of consciousness, from awakening to sleeping and everything in between. Many religious rituals and practices affect the ears. The ears prepare sound for the brain, thereby controlling what the brain can do with the sound streams from the ears. Music strengthens those muscles so they can more fully and accurately transmit the available sounds. Amplifying sound gently through headphones increases the exercise.

Half a dozen categories of trauma can interfere with healthy ear function: infections, loud sound, low-frequency sound, direct trauma (objects in the ear, blows to the ear), indirect trauma (head injuries), many drugs and chemicals that affect muscle including most of those used to treat mental illnesses (whether inhaled, ingested, injected, or absorbed through the skin), hormones, the cumulative effects of many such traumas seen as “aging.”

If you would like to learn more about my discoveries and about using music therapy for healing, check out my blog or email me.