It’s OK to be Dumb (But Not Stupid)
umair haque

“Do you really know as much about the human body as the doctor?”

In some ways, yes. First, because I am the only one completely familiar with my body. Second, because I am female and almost all of my physicians have been male. But also, third, because in reference to our son’s severe schizophrenia I undertook research that no doctor has bothered to undertake. Having the care of him 24/7 I made unique observations about his behavior. With the help of his doctor I titrated his meds to a minuscule amount. Then, I learned even that amount could cause psychosis. Through the Internet, I found I had made novel discoveries about his behavior and through further research identified those behaviors as originating in his right ear. I still know more (according to published learning) than psychiatrists on the subject of both normal and aberrant behavior originating in the processes of audition. For those trained in research methods and in particular disciplines, the Internet allows them to have more than “opinions” in a professional world, whether or not they are conventionally credentialed.