Mental illness never really goes away, you see. There’s no cure.
Thanks, Carrie Fisher
Sara Benincasa

Not true. Mental illness can be cured and you won’t believe how. I cured our son’s schizophrenia. Within a couple of years his addictions pushed him back into psychosis. His meds (an extremely small dosage) made him worse. I started him on music therapy again, focused on his right ear, and within the year had cured him again and had written a book about it, Listening for the Light. I taught myself enough neurology to be able to explain how music makes the left-brain able to learn to dominate the right-brain. My discoveries connect with other research. Depression is primarily a left ear problem. Manic depression is primarily a right ear problem. At least a million people have been cured of some form of mental illness with music therapy although most do not know about the paradigm of right-ear driven left-brain dominance that I discovered.

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