For now, just know if you have the power to save a life, you should do everything you can to do so.
my name is Farooq and I’m a failure
SF Ali

You might like to know that a French otolaryngologist isolated the frequency deficits for his 235 suicidal patients at 2 and 8 kiloHertz, usually in the left ear. He cured all of those who came for treatment, 90 per cent of them within two weeks (10 hours of treatment). Guy Bérard used his version of the Tomatis Method: listening to high-frequency music with headphones. All behavior begins in the strength of the ears, especially of the right ear, to conduct sound energy into the brain. The types of behavior labelled “mental illness” primarily are right-ear deficits. I proved this by healing our schizophrenic son by focusing high-frequency music on his right ear. To simplify, the right ear feeds sound to the left, rational brain and the left ear feeds sound to the right, emotional brain. Mental illnesses are conditions of sound deprivation to the brain, the specifics of the illness depend on which hemisphere is most affected. You can strengthen the tiny stapedius muscle of the ear(s) by exposing it (them) to gently amplified, high-frequency sound for two hours per day. Not for longer or you will tire that tiny muscle instead of strengthening it. You can learn more by emailing me and/or reading my blog. Depression can be cured.

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