In the train station

The doors of the train opened with a soft noise. Three steps later, I saw thousands of heads under mine, walking towards the same direction. It all seemed programmed, automatic. Laughs passed by, while children were running towards and away from me.

I asked myself “what are we?”, and from that moment on all seemed to move away from me. It seemed I had entered another reality, where I didn’t see people as people. All I saw were animals. Creatures guided and moved by nothing more than a set of predefined behaviors.

The perception I had was of a nest of ants, where they themselves build the narrow ways where they can move. Where they themselves restrict their freedom. We think more of us than we really are. We consider ourselves a superior intelligence.

But we have nothing to be proud of. Our “intelligence” is not perceived as such by other animals. We are not considered the masters of the nature by anyone else than ourselves. Humans are not better, they are just more arrogant.

We are arrogant to think we were given a special place in this world. We are arrogant to think we are not part of the nature’s equilibrium equation. We are arrogant to think that we are above everything else.

Maybe our most primitive feature is also our biggest defect. Our most primitive characteristic is to perceive reality through filtered lenses. Our brain processes the world before we are aware of it. And we think that the essential world is the same as our processed version.

This behavior is not only ours: it happens in every living thing. What is only ours is the way we deal with it. Our so capable brain falls into the trap of reality, and we get trapped in it. We consider what we perceive as world as being the actual world, and what we perceive as reality as being the actual reality.

And so we think we are something else, something special. But we fail to recognize the simplest truth: that we are just wandering on Earth, and that we are nothing more than creatures with a set of particular features given by evolution.

Look to your left and to your right, and you will see many other creatures with special features of their own. And then remember: we are nothing special.

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