Part 1: Choosing What To Focus On For The Next 6 Month Block

I view time in six month blocks. The whole year thing once every January felt too drawn out to me. While I of course still love a good ole’ classy and belligerent new years eve, I’ve found that viewing time in 6 month increments takes a lot of pressure off, and is more manageable to wrap my head around in terms of being strategic with making choices.

Here’s the deal — if we desire to be in the present moment, and not stuck obsessing over memories of the past or expectations for the future, you must learn how to be with time.

The Buddha said, “The trouble is, you think you have time.”

He is not referring to the concept of having enough time in the day or in your lifetime, but rather, the concept that we have absolutely no ownership or control over time.

Somehow, it is at that realizatdion, that you can begin to bend and play with time. This happens because you will no longer solely be glued to the societal view of time. You will have your own version of it.

Sounds fun, right? It is.

For some of you, that may be some deep shit. Believe me, I’m not even sure I know what I’m talking about. But hey, it’s been working for me in my life, my pursuits, and my overall wellbeing in ways I can’t begin to put into words. So, I’m just going to keep it up.

Now that we’ve covered perspective on time, let’s get our left brain on and examine choosing priorities and back-burner items within a 6 month block.

At the moment, this is the step I’m currently in.

This is the part where I choose the result I want to see at the end of the next 6 month block.

If you are one of those people into lifestyle design, self awareness, productivity hacking, creative entrepreneurship, or really pursuing any goal whatsoever, this is quite impactful I must say.

It seems that our lives are very affected by the choices we make. (Obvious yes, yet most of us are shit at taking responsibility for certain things in our lives… like our time ;o) Yeah, I’m talking to YOU, who was drawn to click on a post about managing your time! ;o).

This is my structure


I choose my favorite 10 Results I see as possible desired outcomes to create by the end of the 6 month block.


I pick the 4 most impactful results that will bring me closer to what I’d like to be embarking on during the following 6 month block. This allows me to “live in the end”.


I decide which of the 6 remaining results could function as casual hobbies. This means I get to play with them in my free time to satisfy myself, but that I’m not going to put pressure on myself about it.


Everything else goes onto the backburner list to be revisited in the following 6 month block. These tend to go there because this current 6 month block is required to happen first in order to start on these ones.

There you have it. That’s how you turn time into one of your prime amigos, distance yourself form the parts of our society that have become a bit too obsessed with controlling, and as all those personal development articles would say, Conquer Time Management Once and For All! …yeah.


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