Happy third anniversary to the sexiest Star Wars scene of all time.

Image by Sara Schleede.

It has been exactly three years since Rian Johnson blessed movie screens across the galaxy with The Last Jedi, the second installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Say what you want about the movie, but The Interlude — in our managing editor’s words — is a pro-TLJ publication. (No slander accepted!) The movie brought so much potential to Star Wars as a whole (A Newer Hope, if you will) by integrating refreshing plot lines, skewing grumpy fanboys’ expectations, and most importantly, introducing the most erotic scene to come out of the franchise.

To recap: Kylo Ren and Rey had…

I genuinely cannot name a single person.

Graphic by Sara Schleede.

I was about three-years-old when American Idol first exploded with new talent, breaking television records by featuring promising American singers. My extended family would crowd the little TV in our living room and watch singers blow the judge’s minds away or completely flop and embarrass themselves in front of the menacing judges and on national TV. We were devoted fans — watching Ryan Seacrest’s little hosting bits every week and ringing in the maximum amount of calls every week to ensure that a singer would not get eliminated and ultimately become the next “American Idol.” After the first couple of…

The wonderful world of dating is really complicated.

Graphic by Téa Kvetenadze.

I have never been on a date. And thanks to COVID-19, what IRL dating life in New York could have been this year still remains a mystery to me. Turning to romantic TV shows and movies on streaming services has been my only source of having a taste of the ups and downs of love. From the classic When Harry Met Sally… to the quaint Modern Love, there is an endless list of shows and movies that show New York City to be a mystic romantic labyrinth. …

The 25 year-old L.A. musician stuns with the release of her sophomore album.

Photo Courtesy of Dead Oceans.

Phoebe Bridgers writes “sad-girl” songs for the masses crafting particular narratives into tender and sentimental tunes. In her sophomore album, Punisher, Bridgers cultivates a more mature sound and delves into her signature confessional style of songwriting. From the mysterious intro “DVD Menu” to the cacophony of “The End is Near,” the album brings cathartic awareness to an anxiety-ridden world. Bridgers’ strong and genuine writing style relieves the nervousness of being a twenty-something in a period of uncertainty.

Over the past three years, Bridgers has built an everlasting presence. She was catapulted into prominence in the indie alternative music community…

The wheels on the bus go Zen-da-ya!

Graphic by author.

Between breaking our hearts in Euphoria and capturing Peter Parker’s in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the undisputed queen of Gen Z, Zendaya, has had quite the summer. But she didn’t stop once the cameras stopped rolling. Instead, she debuted her Fall 2019 collection “TommyXZendaya” in partnership with designer Tommy Hilfiger at the Apollo Theater last week. The collection features 1970s inspired outfits, including velvet suits, snakeskin boots, and slip dresses covered with astrological patterns.

If you regularly walk up and down Lafayette Street (like me), you may wonder why the heck the parking lot underneath those Calvin Klein ads on…

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