Listen up Young Teens with Feelings.

PSA; We are in one hell of a roller coaster with our emotions.

We’ve got feelings, feelings that won’t last.

Wait, what?

Our heart is vulnerable.

As teens, we idolise the word ‘love’ as we desperately need it, but we also just fucking lust.

Lust a whole fuck ton.

We are exploring the sense of love. We are adventuring on with what we assume love is, and playing around with it like it is some sort of on-going joke.

HEADS UP; it isn’t a joke.

It’s a new year, please be delicate!

2016’s most used term was ‘fuckboy’… we sadly all know what that means…Two words put together to create your ideal jerk.

It’s funny because we don’t even know half the definitions of words that actually have been existing our whole entire life!




You know, the technical shit.

New year, new beginning…right?

No one really wants to be sad over a boy/girl leading them on this year, we are civilised human beings who have a sensibility of what feelings are.

Grow the fuck up!

I mean yeah, we are young and we do foolish things blah blah blah, but this can’t be something we get used to.

From my perspective, we need to be treated with our romantic feelings equally, and gain respect to all who we come across, not fuck with their feelings.

All over social media, my timeline, my Instagram feed, I notice how low people go when someone really plays with their feelings, and it just sucks.

Sure, it may be a way to seek attention, but how else are we going to put it out there that there are people out there messing with your precious, fragile feelings?

Let’s all push away those folks who played with our hearts. Who used us, who considered us as their side man/chick.

Let’s all be aware to not move so fucking fast and to take your damn time on things.

Let’s all be loyal, and be thankful for every damn moment when we meet the one. Get someone who you can share your dreams, hopes, fears, scars, and not be afraid to love.

Love is all a matter of timing.

The art of love is dying. Don’t let that happen.

We are so damn brave to even pursue this journey, so make it worth while. Don’t leave a trail that leads to heartache. That shit hurts.



No, don’t show it straight up to my face.