Release Management Process in AWS!!!

lavanya katika
May 31 · 12 min read

What is the Release Management Process???

Release Management Process

Why do we need the Release Management Process???

Before going into the process, let’s have a look at the keywords used for better and easy understanding.

AWS Lambda

How do we do the Release Management Process???

1) Creating a role

Fig.1 creating a Role
Fig.2 Role Review
Fig.3 Created Role

2) Creating a Lambda Function

Fig.4 Enter basic information to create Lambda Function
Fig.5 Lambda Function is created
Fig.6 Routing for configuring the test event
Fig.7 Configuring Test Event
Fig.8 Lambda Test Execution

3) Publishing new Version

Fig.9 Action for Publishing new Version
Fig.10 Publishing new Version
Fig.12 Three Versions (QA, DEV, and PROD)

4) Creating new Aliases for the Versions created

Fig.13 Creating Alias
Fig.14 Alias Created for the three Versions
Fig.15 Versions w.r.t Aliases created for each Version

5) Creating new REST API

Fig.16 Create API
Fig.17 Give Basic Information for Creating API
Fig.18 Created API and creating Method and Resource for the API
Fig.19 Creating a Resource
Fig.20 Created Resource
Fig.21 Creating a Method
Fig 23 CLI Command for each function
Fig.24 Deploying the created REST API
Fig.26 Key-Value pair in Stage Variables
Fig.27 Deployment of all the three stages (DEV, QA, and PROD)

6) Commands to be run on Command Prompt

Fig.28 Command prompt on executing the commands

7) Code Execution

Fig.29 Testing the code by invoking the Lambda function using API Gateway

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