The battle of Seratonin

Oh, I woke up like this! (Thirteen hours back) 
Puffy eyed and slightly embarrassed.
Only last night I was swinging from mood to mood,
Aiming for his head one moment and cackling like a witch the next.
So yes, I woke up like this,
Damaged, worse for wear, and definitely having seen better days...
But no I don’t hate myself,
I don’t hate my big forehead, or my large nose,
I don’t hate my extra tires, or my plus size clothes.
I don’t hate my bipolar depressive mental disorders strewn mind!
No, I don’t hate me.
I love me.
I love how quickly I can brush off adversity,
How in control I can be when the road gets tough,
And how, most of all, I can make you laugh.
I don’t hate me... just that my mind likes to make me think I do.

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