Leora Tec

Earlier this month I gave a new talk highlighting my interviews with non-Jewish rescuers of memory in Poland. I showed clips from five of my interviews (I interviewed twenty-seven people in twenty-five interviews and plan on doing at least fifteen more).* Together with my partner — Brama Grodzka Teatr NN in Lublin, Poland, I am creating a video archive to house these conversations. The people I spoke to are, in different ways—through cleaning cemeteries, guiding survivors to their ancestral towns, theater, scholarship or preserving and renovating abandoned Jewish sites—dedicated to keeping Jewish memory alive in Poland.

They inspire…

There’s a photograph of a little boy taken in 1939. It’s black and white. He’s standing on a step in front of the concrete facade of a building in Lublin, Poland. His shirt is white. The stiff collar is buttoned to the top. He’s wearing shorts, short white striped socks with black stripes and white shoes. He has a tentative smile on his face, like maybe he’s happy but unsure about getting his photo taken.

Henio Zytomirski, “The Last Photo.” (1939)

The little boy’s name is Henio Zytomirski. He was born in Lublin in 1933. His father, Shmuel, took a photograph of him every year. This…

“Harvest Festival” 1943: Remembering Together

By Leora Tec November 2018

One sunlit morning, in July 2017, more than a hundred Jews of Lublin ancestry walked together, side by side with our non-Jewish Polish hosts, along a path to the Umschlagplatz in Lublin, Poland. Many of our relatives had been marched along these same streets, to this same place, before being shipped off to the death camp Bełżec, where 28,000 of Lublin’s 43,000 Jews were murdered. It would have been an emotional event in any case, but it was made even more so because our hosts — Tomek Pietrasiewicz and members…


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