How to spend 6 years preparing to launch your first product

A little background

I’ve been wanting to get back to writing for years but never found the time and incentive to do it. As my company Cloud Horizon embarks on a new adventure in product development, I’ve decided to finally pull out my digital pen and start writing about our experiences launching SaaS products.

  • To be surrounded by awesome people that inspire us
  • To always be learning new things
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Fast forward 6 years and about 80 projects, most being successful with a few disasters sprinkled in to keep us humble, and we’ve reached a new milestone in Cloud Horizon’s journey. We currently have a team of 27 people spread out over two offices in Montreal and Belgrade. 2017 was by far our best and most profitable year so we were able to set aside a sizeable amount of cash to invest into a small R&D lab. In fact, we had set aside cash in 2016 to work on products in 2017, but that didn’t happen because so many great opportunities presented themselves to us in 2017 that we would have been idiots not to take them.

Why products?

We knew from the moment we started that product development was something we wanted to do. The main reason is that we knew it would allow us the freedom to make our own decisions about how to design the product, how to build it, which technologies to use, how to market it and who to target.

Revenues for Service vs. Product companies

Our current product strategy

So the master plan at the moment is quite simple: tackle smaller product ideas and work our way to more ambitious ones. In a broad sense, we look at product development as three consecutive parts:

Product development

What’s next?

I’ve tried to keep everything at a very high level without going into too many details. My goal now is to write as often as time permits about things we’ve learned and the strategies we’ve used to reach our revenue targets.

If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking.

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