I find the comparative analysis of slavery and abortion, in the context of the twin evils popularly…
Benjamin Baird

>> and not some inconsequential choice by which a woman conveniences her sexual appetite.

Wow. As if that’s the only reason women consider abortions….

What about unwanted pregnancy due to :
1. Catholics not allowed to use contraceptives
2. The archaic, but still prevalent, idea that a married women has to “serve” her husband, including whenever he wants sex.

So many more scenarios, valid ones to consider, and you just reduce the discussion to “women are sexual beasts”. 
I’ll assume that you’re a “blood and brimstone” type of bible-thumper who actually feels people should be punished for whatever YOU consider to be bad.

If so, that’s pathetic.
If not, then please feel free to correct me, prove me wrong, and educate me.

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